Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I need to get a (‘insert your creative project here’) done. Do you do that sorta thing?

A: Yes. If it involves Photoshop and Illustration, there is a 106% chance I’ll be interested.

Typical projects I do:
– Concept Art
– Advertising and Promotion
– Book Covers and Comics
– Private Commissions

Q: “How much do you charge?”

A: Depends on the project. However, the type of images you see on my website here would start at $750. Please email me with details of what you have in mind for a more accurate quote.

Q: “I am a model. Can we work together?”

A: If it is something exciting that could benefit both our portfolios, then it is a good chance we can make it happen. You can contact me on facebook, Instagram, or email me here. Please include a few recent photos of yourself (or link to a portfolio if you have one), let me know what type of creative themes you are into, and we can chat details!

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