Mario Mayhem

Mario  Mayhem: A Tribute to the Early Mario Games

Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3, were a huge part of my childhood. I had the urge to work on some tribute pieces to these games, and of course wanted to put my own spin on them, using a female model as Mario. When planning these images, I wanted to do something a bit different from my usual ‘pin-up style’ images, incorporating a bit more action into the scene to try and tell a story.

Super Mario 1 – FIRE MARIO!
This one is based on the first Super Mario Brothers game. I’ve always thought that Mario is a total badass after getting the Fire Flower. I wanted to show that same feeling, as if Mario was possessed by some ungodly hell-flame, just wreaking destruction upon everything in his(her!) path…

Super Mario 2
Super Mario Brothers 2 always struck me as a game where Mario was doing a lot more physical work – Picking up bad guys, carrying bombs and throwing them, endlessly digging in sand, and pulling out radishes. For this image I wanted to capture the physicality of what Mario goes through, while also keeping the colorful playful nature of the game visuals.

Super Mario 3

For this one I was inspired by the ‘Grass Land’ level, with the green grass and abundance of music note boxes. Of course turning Mario into the raccoon version was a must. I recently played the game again and noticed one of my game-play strategies was to crouch next to a pipe to avoid Piranah Plant’s fireballs as I timed my next jump. I tried to incorporate this into the image as well.

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