The Scientist

“Its late at night in the laboratory of the brilliant Dr. Natasha Feuer. The call came in this morning with the news that funding has officially been cut to the doctor’s 10 year research on a deadly, but rare disease.

Taking matters into her own hands, Dr. Feuer is intent on proving to the world that her work has not been in vain.

No more time for tests. As she herself suffers from this mysterious disease, she subjects herself to the formula she has worked so very hard on.

But the result is not quite what she had expected…”







The concept – 
So the model (Bettina) and I got this idea at our first shoot together when I was shooting her for my Emma Frost and She-Ra concepts. I asked her what she did for a living, and it turns out she is a scientist! So almost jokingly I said something along the lines of “Hey wouldnt it be funny to do a shoot where you’re this crazy scientist and you inject yourself and…”

Well as you can see, Bettina being the super awesome nerd that she is, jumped at the idea. We scheduled the shoot for the near future after that, and I got to work planning out our scientist series.

Sketch stage – 


The Photoshoot (note how tall she is, I actually had to raise the table in photoshop!)


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